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Our client in Heathrow had an old pond that required a new liner and a filter that was struggling to keep up. We relined the pond and added some capping stones to complete the design. Furthermore, we installed a new high-spec filter system that enables our clients to enjoy a hands-free experience while the filter cleans and maintains itself.

Our client had over 30 large Koi fish in a small, shallow pond that was connected to an 8-foot pit via a stream. They wanted to provide their fish with a new pond that would showcase their beauty and provide them with the necessary space. Additionally, we installed an oversized filter to account for the large bio load of the larger fish.

An East Sussex project resulted in a beautiful wildlife pond, fully rock and plant-covered to blend into the natural surroundings. Planting around the pond softens the edges and enhances the natural look.

Lake Habitat

We constructed a large natural lake habitat for native fish species, fully sustained by a reedbed filter. This pond has become a selling point for our client's Airbnb business, with some of their customers utilizing the cantilevered deck for morning yoga.

Lake Maintenance 

In 2023, we had a big push for lake water management and care. We offer a wide range of products for large ponds and lakes, including treatments, ornamental features, and aerators. We do all the leg work for you to ensure that your ecosystem is thriving, so you can simply enjoy it.

Kennington Ashford had a small pond that was becoming too small for her ever-growing population of goldfish, which amounted to a few thousand litres. We came along and made the pond deeper and wider, increasing the overall capacity of fish she could now keep. Fortunately, the client's filter was still within the capacity of the pond, which meant we could reuse it for the new design.

Our client is a big fan of koi and gardening. He takes great pride in maintaining a beautiful garden and showcasing his koi collection. To enhance the beauty of his garden, we constructed a koi pond with a stunning waterfall. The pond is equipped with a natural reed bed filter that only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year using a sump pump. This means that our client can spend more time enjoying his fish and less time cleaning up after them.

The client had a pond built with the hope of encouraging wildlife for his children to learn about. Unfortunately, the pond was mostly made of concrete and wasn't attracting much wildlife. We removed the harsh concrete pond and built a beautiful wildlife pond with a small waterfall from the filter. Since then, it has matured nicely and is now thriving with wildlife.

Maintenance Plans

We offer all of our existing and new customers customizable maintenance plans throughout the year. This is to ensure the health of the ponds for the coming year and to ensure that all the equipment is running as it should.


Past Projects

Pond Restoration and filter install

Pond Construction

Wildlife Ponds

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