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These DMX/RDM connection cables are built to connect OASE EGC compatible pumps, ProfiClear EGC drum filters, and ProfiLux RGB LED colour changing spotlights to Oase FM Master WLAN and FM Master WLAN EGC smartphone controllers. The cables are designed for underwater use and enable two-way communication between the pump and WLAN controller. Additionally, the cables can be used to link multiple compatible pumps and ProfiClear drum filters for control and communication via a single WLAN controller. 


The DMX-RDM connection cables are available in lengths of 2.5m, 5m, 10m, and 30m. You can also purchase the EGC cable connector to link multiple EGC connection cables and cover greater distances between the pump/filter/lighting product and the FM Master WLAN controller.

Oase EGC Cable and Connector

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