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InScenio FM-Master 3 Switch Box from Oase is an excellent solution for anyone looking to add remote control functionality to their electrical pond products. With 4 power connections available in a weatherproof enclosure, you can easily connect up to 4 items. One of the connections even provides continuous power, which is great for products that don't need to be switched on and off. The FM Master 3 also comes with a remote control, allowing you to remotely switch two of the connections on and off. Additionally, the final connection offers variable power, which can be used to control the flow rate of many pumps. 


InScenio FM-Master 3 Features
• Weatherproof cover
• Mounting spike
• 1 x 230 volt input connection
• 1 x socket permanent current 230 V
• 2 x connection with remote on/off, 230 V, max. 2000 W combined
• 1 x connection with remote on/off and dimmer function max. 40-320 W
• Total connected load max. 12A / 2700 W
• Up to 80m remote control range
• 2 year guarantee

Oase InScenio FM-Master 3 Switch Box

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