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Introducing the Oase InScenio FM-Master EGC Cloud Switch Box - a smart and convenient remote control app-based system that allows you to turn various garden devices off and on, and reduce flow rates by dimming, all through your smart phone. This high-quality junction box has several unique features, including the ability to run four different mains power cables, out of which two or three can be switched on and off, while the fourth can be dimmed. The device comes with a removable weatherproof splash-proof cover, and a stake for easy placement in your garden without limitation to walls or fences. The FM-Master EGC Cloud has a wireless Wi-Fi connection, and you can download its app from the Apple store or via Google Play to control it from your tablet or smartphone (iOS 7.x or higher and Android 4.0.3 required). With an 80m range for unobstructed signal transmission, you can easily control various products that can be dimmed, such as the Aquarius Universal, Water Trio, Quintet, Jet Lightning, and the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star. The FM-Master EGC Cloud switch box also offers a connection for DMX-RDM control, which is currently only compatible with the AquaMax Eco Expert Pumps, but will be part of Oase's future product development.

The Oase InScenio FM-Master EGC Switch Box comes in 2 versions, this Cloud version allows connection locally whenever you are within range of your home wireless router and remotely via the Oase Cloud system using either the FREE Apple IOS or Android 

The Oase InScenio FM-Master EGC Cloud Switch Box Features
• 1 x 230 volt input plug
• 3 x sockets on/off, 230 V, max. 2000 W combined
• 1 x socket dimmer function max. 40-320 W
• Total connected load max. 16A / 3600 W
• Up to 80m remote control range
• 2 year guarantee + 1 year extra if registered with Oase

Oase InScenio FM-Master EGC Cloud Switch Box

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