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Filter Kit 10,000

Pond size in sq ft: 10,000 (929 Sq/m) 

Recommended pond depth: 3-4 ft 

Filter dimensions: width 25ft x length 50ft x depth 5ft

At 1m deep the approximate filtering capacity: 929,000 litres (This will be affected by stocking, planting, and environmental factors)

What’s Included

Centipede Modules x 16

Snorkel Modules x 2

Snorkel extension x 2

Small Aquablocks x 256

Pump: Aquamax eco Titanium 51,000 x 1, 81,000 x1

Firestone Liner 1mm x 12m x 20m

Underlay 250gsm x 480m2

Pipes and fittings: NOT INCLUDED

Filter Kit 10,000 (Aquamax eco titanium)

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